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It matters who speaks for you.

The arrival of badger exclusion gates on Merrow Downs and the Urnfield has generated significant public interest and concern on the Nextdoor social media site. It started...
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Michelle Obama and the Urnfield

During the 2016 US election campaign FLOTUS famously coined a phrase, "When they go low, we go high", referring to bullying and aggressive communications tactics being employed...
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Asbestos at the Urnfield?

- but we're not supposed to know about it
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Whilst the site manager’s away the badgers will play

All quiet for now - time for other sorts of digging
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Going round in circles . . . a tale of Guildford planning

Guest post: Merrow Downs Residents' Group We have to start somewhere, even if it's hard to know where the beginning might be. Perhaps we should begin with...
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Can the Urnfield construction legally start?

Work started in the last week of March at the Urnfield site, beginning with tree felling and clearance of scrub. This was despite the plans submitted by...
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What does Urnfield show about values of Tormead School?

It's hard to make a case for the Urnfield project being within the doughnut.
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New season, new thinking?

The crocuses are punctuating the leaf litter in the woodland at the top of Merrow Downs, with bluebell shoots not far behind. Tormead has officially taken residence...
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Dear Sir, it’s not my fault. The dog ate my homework.

With no construction yet, Tormead blames GBC for delays in the Urnfield development, ignoring its own failings.
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What if…how better community engagement delivers better development

Last week Tormead's Head sent the first email update of the new school year to parents, lamenting the "increasingly frustrating process" of the Urnfield development. We agree...
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