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merrow downs, diversity merrow downs, grassland, honey bees guildfordSeveral local residents and Residents’ Associations have been busy in the last few weeks scrutinising the plans and strategies being sent in by Tormead to meet the conditions set down by the planning inspector. There seems to be very little triangulation going on at Tormead’s end….some of the plans (e.g. construction plan) directly contradict others (e.g. the Landscape and Ecology Management Plan). So it is left to us to point out the deficiencies and contradictions.


We are also commissioning a bat activity survey, and we have received the final report from our independent lighting consultant, which provides calculations to show the true impact of the proposed floodlighting on the woodland (and beyond). We have advised Guildford Borough Council planners (who are responsible for signing off all of Tormead’s plans) that we have information to counter that already provided in relation to the lighting impacts.


We are putting together a campaign website, savemerrowdowns, and I posted a new Instagram video yesterday.….you can see it on savemerrowdowsn22 so follow me if you don’t already!


So, lots going on and loads still to do. Thanks for your support.

Post By Katherine Atkinson, Organiser

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