Our Aims

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Our aims

merrow landscape, wildlife guildford, protect badgers, conservation GuildfordWe believe Merrow Downs is a unique natural landscape providing a tranquil and beautiful environment, and vital contact with nature, freely available for all local residents and visitors from further afield. We believe that floodlights are in appropriate in this location and would seriously harm what makes Merrow Downs so special.

We aim to use the legal and planning policy resources available to protect Merrow Downs from floodlighting, and preserve this landscape and wildlife, now, and for future generations. In the process, we hope to promote better local knowledge of Merrow Downs and its history, as well as celebrate the rare and endangered species which inhabit it.

About us

protect bats Merrow, doormice habitat guildford, endangered wildlife Merrow DownsWe are a group of local residents who share a love of Merrow Downs and wish to support its preservation using our wide ranging skills and professional backgrounds, from Landscape Architecture to Civil Engineering and even Astrophysics. We consult with a number of the local branches of wildlife organisations such as the Surrey Bats Group, Dormouse and Badgers Groups. We also work in collaboration with the members of two local Residents’ Associations – Merrow and Downsedge, and welcome anyone who wishes to add their skills and support to join us.



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