Our Responses

Merrow Downs Residents’ Group members have been scrutinising the material being submitted by the developer, commenting on and critiquing it where appropriate. All of this is also available to read on the GBC website. The latest submissions made are listed below, saved as pdfs.

The documents are all published on the GBC website.  We have noticed The GBC website is not always stable.  If the link is not working, it may do a little later on.


  Condition 3 – Construction traffic plan

  Conditions 3 & 4 – Landscape and Ecology and Construction Plans

  Condition 4 – Landscape and Ecology Management Plan lighting impacts

   Condition 4 – GEF Letter on floodlight impacts

Badger letter Jan 24

LEMP response October 23

  Conditions 4 & 7 – Landscape and Ecology and Soft landscaping plans

  Conditions 4 & 7 -Alternative Letter

  Condition 6 – Surface water drainage scheme

  Condition 7 Landscaping

  Condition 7 (Hard and Soft Lanscape Details)

 Condition 18 – need for Sensitive Lighting Management Plan

  Independent Ecology Study of Urnfield Application

  Discharge of conditions- summary of flaws and inconsistencies

  Condition 3 – Urnfield Construction Plan

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